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Smart Pet Food Toy Dispenser: Interactive Robot Tumbler Puzzle and Treat feeder

Smart Pet Food Toy Dispenser: Interactive Robot Tumbler Puzzle and Treat feeder

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Keep your furry friend entertained and well-fed with our Smart Interactive Robot shaped pet food dispenser, which is a puzzle for dogs to keep playing and it feeds them snacks with a slow feeder feature!

This interactive pet food dispenser is a tumbler which slows down the mealtime, improves digestion, and provides mental stimulation for both cats and dogs. Also this dog toy keeps them active as the tumbler moves as a puzzle.

Say goodbye to bored pets and say hello to a fun and healthy meal with our pet food dispenser!

Pet Food Dispenser Specification:

1. This is a universal and interesting toy, suitable for dogs and cats
2. The tumbler design principle is adopted, no matter how the dog plays with it, it will not fall down.
3. In order to eat food, the dog needs to constantly find ways to shake, which can improve the pet's intelligence.
4. This is a slow feeding tool, which effectively solves the boring time of the dog and helps the pet's mental health state.
5. It does not need any battery power, and uses inertia and gravity as power, saving the trouble of charging.
6. Made of ABS material (a kind of plastic)

Package includes: Tumbler feeder * 1 piece.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
Laisha Rippin

Dog loving it

Seamus Marvin

Dog Puzzle Toys Pet Food Interactive Tumbler Slow Feeder Funny Toy Food Treat Dispenser for Pet Dogs Cats Training Dog Supplies

Lysanne Lehner

Nice and funny candy pastor unfortunately we have a very smart Berner Sennen dog who knows exactly how to empty it hahahah very funny

Cierra Kerluke

It's okay for small dogs, my one-year-old labrador broke it in one day

Sadye Feil

It is of good quality I arrived the same as the publication and arrived earlier

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