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Pet Collars Anti-Parasitic: Convenient Protection for Dogs & Cats

Pet Collars Anti-Parasitic: Convenient Protection for Dogs & Cats

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As summer approaches and temperature rises, the risk of flea and tick infestations increases. Our Anti-parasitic retractable Pet Collar provides enhanced effectiveness, specially formulated to combat the heightened activity of parasites during the warmer months. Protect your furry friends from pesky parasites like fleas and ticks for long up to 8 months with the Anti parasitic formula. Get more value with our 2-piece bundle collar set.


  • Quantity: Available in 1 or 2 collars per box.
  • Size: 38 cm for Cat and Small Dog. 70 CM for Large Dogs
  • Protection: Effectively prevents fleas and ticks from infesting your pets.
  • Ingredients used: flumethrin, imidacloprid
  • Duration: Long-lasting protection ensures your pets stay parasite-free for an extended period.
  • Size: Adjustable to fit both dogs and cats comfortably.


  1. Anti-Parasitic Formula: Our collars are infused with anti-parasitic agents that repel fleas and ticks, keeping your pets safe from infestations. 
  2. Long-Lasting Protection: With continuous effectiveness, these collars provide reliable protection from flea larvae, fleas and lice, and provide long-term protection for 8 months. Reduced need for frequent replacements. 
  3. Convenient Usage: Simply fasten the collar around your pet's neck for hassle-free protection against parasites.
  4. Adjustable Design: The collar's adjustable length and padding ensures a comfortable and secure fit for pets of all sizes.
  5. Peace of Mind: Rest easy knowing your beloved pets are protected from harmful parasites with our convenient and effective collars.

Keep your pets healthy and happy with our Pet Collars Anti-parasitic. Order now to provide them with the protection they deserve.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 498 reviews
Cristobal McLaughlin

Still Nuet used but I assume it works

Arjun Kuvalis

It arrived in time and well packaged shape, it needs to be tested for durability

Leonardo Sauer

It arrived in time and well packaged shape, it needs to be tested for durability

Griffin McLaughlin

very good 💯😊 I love it ☺️

Mathilde Runte

I will put them on my little dogs, I still don't know if they work but I hope if

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